heaven 80 min. NEW!!!
authorial massage which is a combination of different techniques (classic, relaxing, lomi lomi and others); inspired by east culture and holistic treating for patients; includes entire body, face and head
seventh heaven 80 min. NEW!!!
authorial deep relaxing massage; includes classic, lomi lomi and thai massage elements; smooth movements and small distance between the patient and the masseur make this massage very sensual; includes whole body with chest, face and head
hell 60 min. NEW!!!
authorial very intensive massage which is recommended to people with extremely tense muscles and/or problems with the cellulite. The massage is performed while using various techniques with hand, elbows and knees of the therapist, as well as such devices as vacuum cups, therapeutic rollers and peeling gloves. Harmless bruises may appear on your body after the massage.
classic 30/60 min.
classic massage that helps to overcome aches and muscle tensions; stimulates blood and lymph circulation; relaxes the body and mind
relaxing 60/80 min.
gentle massage of pleasurable and smooth movements, guarantees deep relaxation for body and soul
hypoallergenic 60 min. NEW!
classical or relaxing massage, performed with the usage of the 100% natural cacao oil, recommended for the people with allergies, and those who enjoy the cacao scent. Hand-picked cacao butter enfolds your skin, nourishes it deeply and acts anti-aging.
aromatheurapeutic 60 min.
relaxing massage performed with a 100% natural shea butter available in two scents to choose from; relaxes through delicate, smooth movements and enjoyable scent which caresses your senses up to 6h after the massage; shea butter regenerates, protects and nourishes the skin
scrubbing 30 min.
grainy scrub massage; aromatic relaxation with a combination of massage and care treatment; beautifully fragrant peelings ensure both exfoliation and pleasant aromatherapy
for pregnant 30/60 min.
specialistic, safe massage for pregnant women; focused on the most tired parts such as spin’s lumbar section, ankles and calves
sport 45 min.
strong massage dedicated for athletes in need of deep relaxation for tense muscles
chinese cup 60 min.
strong, anti-cellulite massage for problematic parts of the body, (hips, buttocks, stomach) and classic massage for the rest of the parts, firming and detoxyfing
hot basalt stones 60 min.
ritual massage that concentrates on energy flow in the body; activates chakras and helps balance emotions; especially recommended for colder days
lomi lomi nui 90 min.
called a loving hands ritual; very flowing and tender movements bring peace for the whole body, feet, hands and face included; unique massage that comes from Hawaii
hot chocolate 80 min.
sweet pleasure based on a massage with hot, eatable chocolate
and relaxing foot massage during the compress for the body
save yourself some face 30 min.
classic face massage; stimulates skin cells increasing collagen fibers activity, improves blood supply which makes the skin more firm; perfect relaxation method
easy-breezy foot 30 min.
recommended for tired feet, but relaxes the whole body by stimulating foot receptors which are responsible for each part of the body
like a queen 15 min.
very pleasant hands massage; recommended as an addition to other treatments (for example during a hairdresser appointment or while drying your toenails nail polish) or as a solo treatment – lovely relaxing moment of luxury
like a king 15 min.
neck massage; created especially for those who are staying in our waiting zone – given in a sitting position, without olis; a litle bit of luxury that benefits the neck and shoulders
masaż tantryczny 80/100 min.
Tantric massage is a practice that has its roots in Hinduism and Buddhism, based on stimulating and balancing the flow of energy throughout the body.
Padanghat massage with feet 40/60 min.
It is an ayurvedic full body massage, performed with feet.

Body treatments

each treatment includes scrub, massage, compress and lotion
Juicy Temptation 80 min.
Aromatic, cleansing, deep moisturizing and nourishing pleasure for all skin types. Sweet watermelon scent will energize skin and mind!
India Revive 80 min.
Oxygenating and stimulating skin for purification and regeneration.
Will detox skin and calm mind. Recommended for oily, sallow and tired skin. Real vitamin bomb!
Guarana Slim 80 min.
Great anti-cellulite prevention, which also takes care of optimal skin hydration and collagen level. Fruity lychee scent will guarantee a good mood for the rest of the day!
Happy Feet 40min.
Treatment for feet including a relaxing bath, energizing massage with
a fruity scrub and regenerating mask. Tourists’ feet are almost always tired – give them some rest!

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