Expressive Look
-lashes & brows care

eyebrow shape15zł
EpilFree – retards the hair growth49zł
eyebrow/eyelash tint15zł
set - eyelash and eyebrow tint with shaping45zł
eyelash extension by 1D method (approx. 2,5h)190zł
1D eyelash infill max. 3 weeks from the last extension (approx. 1,5h)140zł
eyelash extension by 2-3D method (approx. 3,0h)240zł
2-3D eyelash infill max. 3 weeks from the last extension (approx.2h)180zł
eyelash extension by 3-4D method (approx. 3,5h)290zł
3-4D eyelash infill max. 3 weeks from the last extension (approx. 2,5h)240zł
eyelashes removal50zł/100zł
eyelash keratin treatment150 zł
Remember that if the loss of the eyelashes is bigger than usual the time spent on renewing them will be longer than usual and the cost of the service will be proportionally higher.

Dreamlike Hands
hands treatment & nail stylization

basic milling manicure (without color)60zł
classic milling manicure 1 color / french70zł/80zł
gel-color manicure 1 color / french 110zł/120zł
p.shine (japanese) manicure70zł
creative mess – pattern, adornment (one nail)5zł
soft hand – scrub and mask40zł
divine hand – scrub, mask and paraffin60zł
gel nails extension (approx. 2,5h)250zł
gel nails infill max. 3 weeks from last extension (approx. 2h)200zł
one nail repair gel-color / gel nail10zł/20zł
gel-color / gel nails removal with basic manicure70zł/90zł
gel-color / gel nails removal after another salon, preparing
for a treatment in our salon

Fabulous Feet
-feet care & toenails stylization

basic pedicure (without color)110 zł
therapeutic pedicure (additional to basic treatment) 30zł/90zł
luxury pedicure – classic pedicure with 1 color, regenerating mask and 20 minutes massage for feet230 zł
classic pedicure 1 color / french 140zł/150zł
gel-color pedicure 1 color / french 180zł/190zł
soft foot – regenerating mask (only after pedicure) 40 zł
easy-breezy foot – 20min. feet massage (only after pedicure)50 zł

Ultrasound liposuction and endermologie massage

with Magnifico device. It leads to the reduction of the fat tissue with the help of the ultrasound radio wave, reduction of the cellulite, modeling the body contouring with the vacuum massage with bipolar radio wave, and biostimulative laser.
ultrasound liposuction/ endermologie massage with radio wave and biostimulative laser:
back / sides80zł
tights + buttocks 120zł
ultrasound liposuction combined with the endermologie massage with radio wave and biostimulative laser:
back / sides 120zł
tights + buttocks240zł

Smooth Body
- waxing

upper lip / sides of face / chin15zł
underarms / buttocks30zł
arms / half leg / french bikini60zł
back / chest / stomach 100zł
brazilian bikini120zł

Fresh Face
- face care treatments

Basic Wellness (45min.)*

Express treatment with suitable cosmetics selected. Involved face only.
170 zł
Rutin Solace (55/75 min.)*

Dedicated to sensitive skin with capillary problems; rutin and vitamin C ease the facial redness, tighten and strengthen blood vessels, even out the pigmentation as well as illuminate the face and ease the nerves.
Lovely Face (55/75 min.)*

For a dry, mature complexion needing regeneration, argan oil moisturizes and softens the skin; prevents wrinkles, delivers vitamins. Dermo massage makes the face look and feel fresher than ever.
A Feast For Face (55/75 min.)*

One hour with caviar for all skin types; delivers vitamins
and microelements, improves elasticity, deeply nourishes,
moisturizes and feeds the skin all it needs!
Take the Plunge (55/75 min.)*

A life-saver for mixed and oily skin, purifies and regulates
sebum secretion, moisturizes, stabilizes hydro-lipid layer
of the skin, works as an antiseptic and antibacterial.
Mirror of the Soul (40 min.)

Eye area treatment, reduces swelling, improves elasticity
and firms the skin, eliminates dark circles and relaxes.
140 zł
Ultra Massage (15/30 min.)

The massage performed with the ultrasounds makes it possible for
the ingredients, which have been selected individually according to the personal needs, to penetrate the skin deeper.
This treatment is used more frequently additionally than as an independent treatment.
*55 minutes is for treatment just for face; 75 mniutes is for face, neck and neckline treatment. Strongly recommended the wider one.

Pretty Face-make up

make up no make up70zł
daily make up120zł
evening make up190zł

Microneedling mesotherapy-fractional microneedling mesotherapy by dr.Pen

face + neck + neckline 299zł
body – scars / stretchmarks99-499zł
permeation analgesia50zł
cavitation peeling before microneedilng40zł

Noninvasive Face Lift

with Magnifico device. Combines three different technologies: bipolar radio waves, vacuum massage, and the biostimulative laser.
face + neck + neckline160zł
eyes area80zł

Decorated Ear

piercing of two earlobes (two earrings)90zł
piercing of one earlobe (one earring) 50zł

Chemical exfoliation
- acid peel treatments by Purles, Xylogic, PCA Skin, Cell Fusion C

Purles M-Peel 40% - 30% mandelic, 10% azelaic - pH 3,5

Perfect for sensitive skin types that have an intolerance for other AHA acids.
Regenerates skin, evens out the pigmentation and acne, normalizes sebum secretion.
Purles F-Peel 20% - 10% ferulic, 5% phloretin, 5% lactic - pH 3,5

Great peeling that lightens the skin up, rejuvenates and regenerates it.
Gives the face a fresh look. Recommended for discolored, mature or tired skin.
Purles G-Peel 40% 40% glycolic - pH 1,5

Deep peeling and regenerating acid with strong anti-aging properties.
Minimizes small scars and inflammation marks.
Recommended for mature, aging or oily skin.
Purles S-Peel 20% 15% salicylic, 5% pyruvic, 0,1% retinol - pH 1,5

Perfect for mature and oily skin, recommended for scar or even stretch marks treatment.
Softens the skin, decreases wrinkles and acne scars, evens out the coloring of the skin.
relief & regeneration

for each acid treatment it is highly recommended to use a soothing and regenerating mask; type of mask is selected individually for skin needs
acid start
acid peel given just before other face treatment to ameliorate penetration and assimilation of active components from products
Xylogic - Retix C 4%

An intensive rejuvenating treatment. It rebuilds the skin with the help of Retinol, C vitamin, and antioxidants. It stimulates the renewal of the tissues and removes the dead skin cells, making the skin refreshed and smooth. The effect is already visible after the first treatment. It reduces imperfections, blackheads, and discolorations. It hydrates, enlightens and brightens up skin which becomes firm, tight and repleted.
PCA Skin – Detox Gel Deep Pore Treatment

It is a suitable treatment for each type of skin which demands deeper cleansing and detoxification. It removes blackheads, and whiteheads, normalizes the sebum secretion, hydrates, oxygenates and stabilizes the lipid parameters of the epidermis. It also has an antiseptic and antibacterial effect.
This treatment is ideal while combined with the manual cleansing.
PCA Skin – Hydrate Oat Milk Therapeutic Mask

The mask created to sooth and hydrate each type of skin which has problems with disturbances of the hydro lipid barrier. The oat milk is an excellent humectant which also has a very strong antioxidant effect and it restores the balance to the dry and sensitive skin. The unique composition of the ingredients consists of the plant-based ingredients rich in vitamins such as cucumber, arnica, and panthenol which guarantees an improvement of the general skin condition.
face/+neck/+neckline 250zł/300zł/350zł
PCA Skin – Revitalize Papaya Therapeutic Mask

The mask contains the sheer extract from papaya as well as from lemons, oranges and apples which brighten the dull and sallow complexion. They also reduce the hyperkeratosis giving the epidermis the healthy look. Green tea, vitamin E and honey may reverse the effects of free radical. They also oxygenate and hydrate the skin making it soft and hydrated. The mask may be used with each type of the skin which needs revitalizing.
face/+neck/+neckline 250zł/300zł/350zł
PCA Skin – Retexturize Pumpkin Mask

The treatment mask which has a strong nourishing effect. It has been created to make skin more elastic especially after damages caused by UVA/ UVB rays, acne or with excessive keratinization. The mask combines the keratolytic effect of the pumpkin enzymes and the salicylic acid with the antibacterial and antioxidant ingredients. All that to renew your skin and smooth its texture and colour.
face/+neck/+neckline 250zł/300zł/350zł
PCA Skin – Clarify Salicylic Acid Mask

The formula for this mask has been created especially for the patients with acne. It has also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. It cleans the skin quickly and efficiently. It protects against the creation expanded mouths of the sebaceous glands.
The treatment mask contains the rich plant extracts of soothing effect and the salicylic acid of keratolitic effect. They fulfill all the needs of the acne skin.
face/+neck/+neckline 250zł/300zł/350zł
PCA Skin – Detoxify Charcoal Mask

The main aim if this mask is to absorb the excess of sebum secretion as well as impurities from the skin surface. It narrows and cleanses the pores, prevents the formation of the new impurities. Japanese white coal contains plenty of minerals and thanks to the ultra small particles it is extremely effective while detoxicating. The mask can be used for each type of skin which demands cleansing and regulating the hydro- and lipid parameters.
face/+neck/+neckline 250zł/300zł/350zł
PCA Skin – additional mask

An additional, chosen mask treatment can improve the results and increase the effects of the treatment.
face/+neck/+neckline 100zł/150zł/200zł
Cell Fusion C - Tox Peel


An innovative peeling is an extremely effective alternative for botox treatment. A unique combination of AHA acids with numerous peptides and factors for growth of the epidermis, guarantees a deep stimulation of the skin cells and gives a visible improvement of the skin firmness and tension.

It is also excellent as a „before party” treatment!
Our salon offers purles cosmetics for home use, recommended during and after treatments. Our beautician will be glad to help you choose the best option for you.

Microdermabrasion -
diamond microdermabrasion and cavitation peeling – mechanical exfoliation

face, neck and neckline microdermabrasion with serum and mask280zł
face microdermabrasion100zł
face and neck microdermabrasion130zł
face, neck and neckline microdermabrasion160zł
back microdermabrasion180zł
post-surgical scar microdermabrasion50zł-150zł
face cavitation peeling60zł
face and neck cavitation peeling80zł
face, neck and neckline cavitation peeling100zł
serum selected individually for skin needs, administered after exfoliation
sooth and regenerate
after every exfoliation treatment it is highly recommended to use a soothing and regenerating mask; type of mask is selected individually for skin needs
full revival !save 20zł!
face, neck and neckline microdermabrasion with serum and mask selected individually for skin needs
micro start
face microdermabrasion given just before other face treatments to ameliorate penetration and assimilation of active components from products
cavitation start
face cavitation peeling added to other face treatment, recommended especially for skin that doesn’t take traditional (grainy) peelings well

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