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| masseuse

She's like a cat woman, she likes warmth and touch. Cheerful, open, easily making contact with people and looking for good in them. She did not stop at specialized education with excellent results and she is still looking for a new one in massages. She is constantly expanding her qualifications and skills on numerous courses. Relaxing lomi lomi nui - Hawaiian massage, Padanghata - Indian foot massage, tantric massage, hot stone massage, Chinese cupping massage. She massages pregnant women with great care. Basia is an enthusiast of unconventional medicine. She is currently preparing for the reiki master degree. She believes in the healing power of touch and the harmonious flow of energy. She unlocks the chakra when qi does not flow freely. She advises how to use natural healing abilities, for example through daily Qi Gong exercises, simple systems that cultivate life's strength. Her own massages: "Seventh Heaven" - sensual relaxation, "Hell" - strong firming, breaking down cellulite are very popular. There are many customers from all over the continent who come back for her tratments. At home, she relaxes with the music of Yasmin Levy and Leszek Możdżer. She loves cooking and her Uzbek dumplings have stolen the hearts of many.

It's always safe to be in Basia's hands! 🙂



| cosmetologist

A master of lengthening and laminating of eyelashes. She will make your eyelashes neat, strong and healthy. In every client she finds a natural beauty which she displays it. She also performs other beauty treatments and massages. With a good music, she admires the scenery and the beauty of nature.



| cosmetic service technician

In the industry since 2014. She likes activities which require concentration and precision, that's why treatments such as manicure and eyelash application give her a lot of satisfaction. For her, the customer's satisfaction is always on the first place. At work she's conscientious and principled, but, outside her work - she's a restless spirit. She can not imagine her life without regular escapes from everyday life, in the form of shorter or longer trips outside the city or abroad. Although, spending time at home also relaxes her. She values relationships with close friends and family.

Konstancja will give you beautiful eyelashes, well-groomed hands, feet and a rested face 🙂



| hairdresser

A certified master of male-female hairdressing with twenty years of experience. This work is her real passion. She constantly improves her qualifications and participates in training courses in Poland and abroad. She attaches great importance to the quality of products which she uses and to the new trends. She likes to spend her free time in the fresh air riding a bike.



| receptionist

She's a master of Public Administration. She has several years of experience in customer service. She is characterized by high personal culture, communicativeness and being open to other people. Always smiling and helpful, she makes the best coffee in the Tri-City! Beside her work, she enjoys spending time with her family, listening to music and testing new recipes for gluten-free pastries.

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